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    Friday 23 June 2023

    10 Monsoon Hair Woes & How to Tackle Them

    In India, we tend to welcome the breezy romance of the monsoon with open arms and hair. But more often than not, it's our silky, lustrous locks that suffer the ultimate damage. Frizzy, heavy, brittle and lifeless; that's how our hair usually responds to the moisture in the monsoon.

    So, puddle-dancing in the rain or enjoying from a distance, the humidity in the air will find you and go straight into your hair, eventually resulting in hair woes you just can't escape.  


    But there are a few things you can do to prevent hair loss and scalp infection caused by the monsoon. Actually, there are 10; follow these easy tips to restore the health of your pretty locks and enjoy the season stress-free. 


    Don’t worry, we have included our favourite product recommendations

    1. Shampoo at Least Twice a Week

    During monsoon, hair becomes oily. This ultimately leads to a sticky, lustreless, heavy head. You can easily resolve this problem by washing your hair twice a week with an organic shampoo or maybe a diluted one. The Thumb rule for healthy hair lies in the number of chemicals you feed your hair in a week — which should be minimum to nil.

    2. Condition Your Hair Not The Scalp

    The health and smoothness of your tresses are largely determined by the way you apply your conditioner. So you'd want to start from the mid-length and take it all the way to the end. Don't apply too much or too little, and get frizz-free hair within weeks.

     3. Microfibre Towels Go a Long Way 

    Wet and damp hair during the rains are an invitation to bacterial and fungal infections. Once you are done pampering your hair with shampoo and conditioner, it's highly recommended to use a microfibre towel to dry those dripping locks.


    This efficient class of towels not only absorbs water quickly but also minimises friction between hair and that towel and can save you from the pain of watching your hair fall like the rain in monsoon. 

     4. Regular Oil Massages are a Must

    Nourishing your hair regularly will help them retain shine, smoothness and colour for a long time. And there's no better product than oil to do the trick. I understand the time crunch that comes with our lifestyle and that is why I came up with the perfect solution: Champi your hair with the oil of your choice, leave it for 15 minutes and rinse.


     5. Tie Your Hair in Loose Ponytails or Buns

    A tight bun during the rainy season can result in the accumulation of sweat on your scalps. On the other hand, untied tresses in the rain can be a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. The good idea is to find a middle ground where you tie your precious hair into loose ponytails or buns. Danger averted!

     6. Say Yes to Hair Masks

    In this brutal weather, these hair masks help revive the body and quality of your hair. You can either make DIY hair masks at home or buy some amazing ones from our personal stash of organic hair care brands. We recommend this one!

     7. Pick The Right Comb

    First up, never comb your hair when they are wet. This will weaken them from the roots and make them fall like dead leaves. And even if you comb them, make sure you use a wide-tooth comb. You can easily detangle the locks and avoid any further crumbling. 

     8. Hair Spa

    Especially beneficial for the roots, hair spas can be done at home or at good salons. A hair spa every month can actually bring your dead-beaten hair back to life. Since rainy days are harsh for your hair, this tip will go a long way. 


    9. You are What You Eat

    It's truly important to eat healthy while tackling the monsoon. Rain can harm your hair, sure, but a holistic diet stacked with proteins, vitamins, minerals like iron and potassium will get you out of this situation in no time.


    While we are at it; go easy on junk food, as the greasiness in the food will make your hair thin and flimsy, cut down on caffeine to prevent dehydration that results in hair fall.


     10. Take a Break from Styling your Hair

    To start with; stay away from hair heating devices such as hair straighteners, curling irons, etc. If it's really important, use a blow dryer instead. Also, cover your hair with scarves or headbands to protect them from excessive moisture that just sits on your scalp and destroys it.

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